The next College Bound Seminar is Saturday, June 30th!

Seasons & Schedules

May 3rd we updated our summer schedule. The summer schedule on the website is the correct schedule.

Unfortunately, there were some flyers/inserts that went out before May 3rd that have a schedule we are no longer offering.

We were going to have two-week classes that finished up before the July 14th ACT. However, this is the first year of the July ACT and Jason Franklin (the instructor) decided that for at least one more summer he wants to do the schedule that has been done the past 10+ years, which is meet three hours a day, once a week, for eight weeks to prepare students for the September ACT. This has been successful for students and Jason wants to stay with what he knows works.

If a student wants to prepare for the July 14th ACT test then they have a few options:

1.) Do summer Reading/English live classes as well as online video class. The online video class covers all four subjects. Reading/English live class is $250 and the online video class is $99 (basic) or $199 (premium).

2.) Do online video class only.

The online class has been highly successful. Two online students scored a 36 on the February ACT and another earned a 35 on the April ACT.