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Instructor Background

Jason Franklin has been teaching ACT Prep sessions since 1995. No teacher in the country spends more time preparing students for the ACT. He is the most popular ACT Prep instructor in the country as he teaches ACT Prep classes year round. He has worked with over 10,000 students from over 150 different high schools. The average improvement is approximately 4 points – no instructor can match that.

Over the years he has helped many students overcome test anxiety.

He was a public school teacher for ten years. During his tenure, he received the ICTM Recognition Award for outstanding teaching in the classroom as well as being nominated by students for the Who’s Who Among American Teachers and the National Honor Roll for Outstanding American Teachers.

He is a National Board Certified Teacher – less than one percent of the teachers in the country have earned this prestigious certification.

He spent four years working on a team that designed standardized tests and curriculum timelines for high school math courses.

He knows how to motivate young people to perform better, especially on tests.

During his last year of teaching in the public schools he received the Eugene Mellon Teacher of the Year Award and the National Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction Award from the National Society of High School Scholars.

Well-known as a highly motivating high school math teacher, his unique classroom approach received a lot of public attention. His special motivational style and how it was incorporated into his classroom curriculum appeared on numerous local television news features as well as newspaper articles.

The following are just a few of the published articles.

The following is a TV news story about Jason’s daughters:

Franklin Family Runners

Jason Franklin and his wife home school their six children, training them to be test performers. His eldest took her first National ACT test in seventh grade and test below college readiness levels in two of the four subject areas.