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Resume Portfolio Use

May 22, 2014

If you have attended my live College Bound seminars or purchased a College Bound DVD, CD or Book, you know that I recommend students create a resume portfolio. Recently I had a parent ask a great question about the resume portfolio that I felt was worth sharing.

 Parent: We really love this idea [of the resume portfolio], the only thing I didn't understand is when would we use it or hand it out. We have scheduled visits but I don't think the visits are one on one. Our daughter will be a junior in August so do you recommend we get this process started now?

My Response: It sounds like you are scheduled for small group visits which is fine, but I
would call back the university and request to meet with the admissions
officer in charge of her high school for 30+ minutes, so you can ask more
detailed, personal questions.

The resume portfolio really would be for senior year.  Let me provide an

  • April is visiting Indiana University this summer.
  • April meets Jan, the admissions officer.
  • After visit, April sends a thank you note to Jan for meeting with her.
  • Throughout junior year, if April has a question about college, etc. she emails Jan reminding Jan of when they met.
  • Summer after junior year, April visits with Jan again to provide an update, ask more questions, etc.
  • After visit, April sends a thank you note.
  • Early fall of senior year, April mails Jan a copy of the resume portfolio toremind Jan who she is.

That's one example of how it can be used.  When visiting colleges in fall of
senior year, I would take a copy of the resume portfolio on every visit.




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