The ACT is the most popular test nationally and internationally. All colleges accept the ACT. Not all colleges are accepting the new SAT next fall due to the fact that the new SAT (debuted in March of 2016) was made a lot easier and aligned with Common Core. Make sure you protect your student.

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Success Stories

Lauren increases her score from a 23 to a 27

“Attached are Lauren’s scores. Could you hear her screaming all the way from Champaign? I am so proud of her. She worked so hard to improve her testing and the best part: she is reading every day! Thank you for your efforts, but more importantly we both appreciate the encouragement and support you offered her.”

Lexi works her way from a 19 to a 23

“I just received my ACT scores back and I jumped 4 points in math and 11 in reading! Your composite goal for me was a 22 and I got a 23. This shows me that putting forth effort pays off and it motivates me to improve even more on the June test. Reading is the key! Thanks!”

Mindy improves from a 29 to a 33

“Hey Jason, Just thought we’d let you know that Mindy scored a 33 on her ACT. She is super excited! Thanks for all your guidance with her!” – Mindy’s Mom

Tina boosts her score from a 24 to 27

“I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for all you do for your students! My score raised 3 points from a 24 to a 27! I'm motivated to keep using the skills you taught us and get even higher! My goal is a 29 so I will be taking the June ACT. Thank you again for everything!”

Erin goes from a 24 to a 30

“I just wanted to let you know how the test scores went! My composite went from a 24 to a 30! Thank you so much, your class has gotten me my dream score!”  

Samantha's composite increases from a 23 to a 26

“Dear Mr. Franklin, I wanted to let you know that my composite went up from a 23 to a 26. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help.”

Elyse works up from a 24 to a 31

“Hi Mr. Franklin! THANKKK YOUUUU SOOO MUCCCHHHH!!!!!!! I WAS IN TEARS WHEN I SAW MY RESULTS!” Results English Math Reading Science Composite Before the class 24 26 25 21 24 After the class 25 31 33 36 31

Tim jumps from a 22 to a 26

“Dear Jason, just wanting to let you know my ACT score, I got exactly what you predicted. My score jumped from a 22 up to a 26!!! Thanks for all of your help and strategies that enabled me to improve in every subject.”

Melissa goes from a 23 to a 30

Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me get ready for the June ACT! Last time I took the test I got a 23 and this time I got a 30!! I can't believe it! Thank you so much! I got a 35 in English, 26 in Math (which was a 7 point improvement), 30 in reading, and 27 in science. Thanks again! I'm in complete shock. - Melissa

Lauren improves 6 points from a 17 to a 23

Just wanted to let you know Lauren got a 23 on her June ACT. She raised her score from a 17 to a 23 and could have never done it without your help. You helped all three of my girls improve their scores, but you particularly helped Lauren and for that I am forever grateful. You are a truly inspirational mentor and will always be remembered for being a fantastic teacher. I will continue to refer other parents and students to you. Thank you again.