Session Descriptions

Your membership gives your family access to the online class, accompanying handouts and PowerPoint slides, as well as invaluable resources to support your student and family through the entire process. Below are the ten main topics covered.

1. Return on Investment

College is an investment with no guarantee of return. Just like any investment, you must monitor and guard it carefully. This session shares information that helps put the approach in a proper perspective.

2. Maximizing High School

This session gives hints on what students should do to maximize each year in high school so they will be a stronger candidate when it is time to apply to college and compete for scholarships and grants.

3. Preparing for Admissions

There are eight critical components to the college admissions process, but most students only focus on four. This session explains how to maximize all eight to increase a student's chances for admissions and better scholarships.

4. Schools to Consider

There are nearly 4,000 institutions that offer college degrees. This session teaches a methodical approach to determining which schools to consider based on parameters tailored to the individual student.

5. Loans & Scholarships

The number one reason students drop out of college is they run out of money. Ironically, most students overpay and do not even know it. Learn how to navigate the college financial system to your advantage.

6. Negotiating & Deciding

Learn how to properly compare schools and negotiate financial aid packages to ensure that the student chooses the ideal school at an affordable price by maximizing the calendar to their favor.

7. The Timeline

This session provides a brief overview of what students should be doing every year in school to prepare for applying to college and then every step to take to successfully make their final college decision.

8. Developing Reading Skills

Every year I work with hundreds of students that struggle on tests because they lack the necessary reading comprehension skills to be successful. This session provides ideas for improving reading skills.

9. Developing Focus

Changing habits can have an immediate impact on performance. This session addresses strategies for students who struggle to focus, those with IEP and 504 plans, and those with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other learning disabilities.

10. Future College Freshman

This session shares tips Jason Franklin has learned from former students and his children that have attended college and experienced valuable lessons during their first year that would benefit others.

College Bound Fundamentals

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