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ACT Prep Classes

Award winning instructor Jason Franklin will teach you how to perform better on the ACT.

This is the most important test students will take in high school. Jason specializes in breaking the test down into pieces and helping students tackle the greatest challenge of the ACT: time.

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Don't wait to start training.

Similar to a sport, the more you practice leading up to a competition, the better you become. Through repetition and experience you are able to learn from your mistakes and improve your level of performance.

You can take the ACT up to 12 times. Colleges only care about your highest score. The ACT is offered six times a year (seven times if your state requires all public school students to take the ACT).

The key is no matter what time of the year it is, you need to start preparing as soon as possible.

If you are a Sophomore, below is the IDEAL long-term timeline:

  1. Take the ACT in April, June, or July of Sophomore Year

    This gives you a starting point to know where you are and what to expect. The April and June ACT test dates allow a student to buy back a copy of the test and the student’s answers (called a Test Information Release). This allows a student to see their mistakes.

  2. Take Summer ACT Classes

    Summer is an ideal time to prepare because there is no school day to worry about. We have summer classes before the June ACT and then other sets before the July ACT. Some students prefer to prepare first then take the test. Others have no problem taking the test cold (no prep) and then take a summer class.

  3. Take the September or October ACT

    Many summer students are motivated after the class is completed and will want to take the September or October ACT because they want to see how much they improved. Encourage this.

  4. Take advantage of the PSAT

    Take the PSAT in October. This is a practice version of the SAT that is offered at high schools during the school day. Since it is offered during the school day, it is a great opportunity to get in some extra standardized test practice.

  5. Take the December ACT

    The December ACT allows you to buy back a copy of the test and student’s answers just like the April and June ACT tests. This allows students to compare their April or June and December answers. My ACT classes teach students how to self-assess which in turn leads to long-term success.

  6. Spring Semester Focus

    At this point the student has taken the ACT three times going into January of their junior year. This gives the student a better idea of what they need to focus on during the spring in order to get ready for the April ACT. This puts the student way ahead of most juniors who also will be taking the April ACT exam.

  7. Take the April ACT

    The student is now prepared and should take the April ACT with confidence. The national April ACT test date is the most popular one nationally and internationally.

  8. Evaluate whether you should take the June or July ACT

    The summer before the senior year is when students should be doing the vast majority of college visits, so taking the June or July ACT to get a few more points before those visits can help. If the ACT is under 32, consider taking one of the summer tests.

  9. Specific Motivation to take ACT during Senior Year

    Only take the ACT during your senior year if a specific school told you that if you achieved a specific score then they would guarantee admissions or increase your scholarship package. One of our students was told by a university that if she improved her ACT score one point then they would increase her scholarship package $20,000. That’s motivation!


The following are special rebates that can be used toward any of our Live ACT Prep classes.

  • Returning Students

    $25 off for a student who has already taken our ACT Prep classes.

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  • Multiple Siblings

    $25 off per sibling when taking our ACT Prep classes during the same season.

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  • Older Siblings

    $25 off for a student who had an older sibling take our ACT Prep classes.

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If paying on the first day of class with a check, please attach a copy of the rebate to the check and subtract the rebate amount from the total.

The rebate must be turned in on the student’s first day of class.

If a parent forgot to deduct the rebate amount when paying with a credit card prior to the first class, then the rebate amount will be refunded to the credit card after the rebate is turned in on the student’s first day of class.

Restrictions and Limitations

Only the sibling same time rebate is allowed to be combined with another rebate. No other rebates or coupons can be combined. The total rebates a student may use is two.