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Make Up Classes

When a student is absent, Jason will give the student all the handouts from the missed class including detailed notes and practice materials when the student returns.

A student does not need to let Jason know in advance if they are going to miss a class. When a student comes to a make-up class, please let Jason know at the beginning of that particular class.

During one spring semester one of our Bloomington students made up missed classes in Peoria, Champaign, and Decatur. Recently we received the following email from her:

Hi Jason! I took the test for the first time in February and got a 23. I took it again in April and got a 28! Thanks for all your help…I guess all that traveling really paid off. Anne, Bloomington High School

WE REWARD PERFECT ATTENDANCE! Students that attend all the sessions for all four subjects (including make-up classes) will receive a $20 Perfect Attendance refund check on the last day of class. Students are welcome to make-up classes during the following two seasons and those make-ups do count toward perfect attendance.

If a student cannot make-up missed classes, then they can watch make-up videos online. Jason will give students those instructions on the first day.