Make Up Classes - In-Person Class Students

There will be at least one remote live class each season (i.e., summer) that is an in-person class via zoom. If an in-person class student misses their scheduled class, they can join the remote live class for the session that was missed.

Jason Franklin will also record a remote live class for each session (i.e., Reading #1) for students who missed and were unable to make it up live during a scheduled remote live class time.

If you are planning on making up a class during a remote live session, please email Jason at, so he can email you the handouts you will need for that particular session.

When you return to the in-person class, Jason will give you a copy of the handouts from the missed session.

Because of COVID-19 and class size restrictions, we cannot guarantee that students can make-up classes during another in-person session. You would need to check with Jason to see if that is possible.

When COVID-19 is not an issue, we encourage students to make up in-person classes in-person whenever possible!

During one spring semester one of our Bloomington students made up missed classes in Peoria, Champaign, and Decatur. Recently we received the following email from her:

Hi Jason! I took the test for the first time in February and got a 23. I took it again in April and got a 28! Thanks for all your help…I guess all that traveling really paid off. Anne, Bloomington High School