COLLEGE BOUND SEMINAR ON SATURDAY, NOV 30TH: Click here for more info.
Signing up late? We still have openings in all of our Fall ACT Prep Classes.

Students can make up any missed classes during the Saturday sessions starting Oct 12th.


for ACT Prep Classes

Students are welcome to mix-n-match seasons. For example, a student does math/science classes during the fall and then does the reading/English classes during winter break.

If you will be mixing-n-matching seasons, then select the first season the student will start classes and at the end of the registration explain the mix-n-match in the comments section.

  • Students are welcome to mix-n-match locations/times. Select the location/time the student will do most and at the end of the registration explain the mix-n-match in the comments section.

      A student can choose which subjects they want to do. Most students do all four subjects, but we do have some that only do, say, Math/Science.

      If student is taking all four subjects, just check the top box. If a student only wants to do certain subjects, say, Reading and English only, then just check those boxes.

        *Payment can be made at the end of registration OR on the first day of class.

        WE REWARD PERFECT ATTENDANCE! Students that attend all the sessions for all four subjects (including make-up classes) will receive a $20 Perfect Attendance refund check on the last day of class. Students are welcome to make-up classes during the following two seasons and those make-ups do count toward perfect attendance.

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