Seasons & Schedules

Jason’s ACT prep course covers all four subject areas on the ACT: Reading, English, Math and Science. Students can select which subjects they would like to register for or they can register for all subjects.

Fall Classes

Great opportunity to develop test taking skills and prepare for Oct & Dec ACT tests.

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Christmas Break

Seven days, three hours each day, great time for students to get ahead and develop test-taking skills!

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Many of these classes begin right after Christmas Break and prepare students for the April 17 ACT.

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Prep for June ACT

These courses prepare students for the June 12 ACT: the most popular college admissions test nationally and internationally. Peoria class starts March 23, meets twice a week, ends May 27. Champaign and Bloomington classes starts June 2.

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There are four courses that meet nine days, three hours a day, preparing students for the July 17 ACT test.

There are another four courses that take place after the July ACT and finish up before the IHSA begins fall sport practices on August 9, providing a great opportunity to develop test taking skills before the start of the 2021 - 2022 school year.

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Don’t live in Central Illinois? No problem!

If you have a very busy schedule or do not live in the Central Illinois area then the online video classes will be a great option for you. For more information about the online classes and to register click below.

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