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Too many students overlook the importance of the college application essay. Learn why this writing is so important.

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Learn how Whitney’s college application essay led to a scholarship!

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College application essays require planning. Learn how brainstorming help set up Sara’s essay.



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“I just read your suggestions... I must say you have helped increase the strength of this essay tremendously!”

- Jim's Mom

“Thank you. I feel like he has never been pushed with his writing up to this point. Your assistance has made such a difference!”

- Shawn's Mom

“It looks great! Thank you so much for helping me with this and thank you for getting back to me quickly. I did not expect you to be so quick with your feedback!”

- Ellen

“Thank you for the feedback! I feel much better about this essay now than I did when I started writing it. I felt that my main problem was the length of the essay and how I would be able to wrap it up. I think the essay is much clearer now, so thanks again for all of your help!”

- Chris

“Jackson admits that he has learned a lot about the writing process going through these edits with you! Thank you!”

– Jackson's Mom