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When a student applies to a college, it is a "job" interview. The student wants to make themselves standout. Resume portfolios help. Watch the following three videos to learn more.

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The following are example portfolios. Names, contact information, test scores, and grade point averages have been changed.

There are no templates. Jason Franklin just uses Microsoft Word. The booklets were printed in color on cardstock paper to provide a professional feel.

The above examples are students (and their parents) that worked with Jason to create their portfolios.

You can do this on your own. However, if you would like Jason’s assistance, click here.

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“I should also mention the portfolio that Missy used based on your recommendation really helped to distinguish her from others. We got so many "I’m impressed" reactions when she shared it during conversations, and we could see that it 'upped' their interest in her immediately.”

- Missy's Mom

“Thanks for all of your help. I must admit, at first, we were not sure what to expect as a final product. But, all we can say is WOW! Very nice job!”

- Jim

“Thanks so much! This is money well spent.”

- Madalyn

“Wow! This looks great! Thank you so much! It's amazing how you took all that information and put it together.”

- Lisa

“Just wanted to let you know Jacqueline. was admitted to all three schools she applied to and was offered scholarships at each ($11,000, $13,000, and $19,000 per year - this one about half tuition!). Thanks for your help on the resume. I'm sure it helped!”

-Jacqueline's Mom