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When a student applies to a college, it is a "job" interview. The student wants to make themselves standout. Resume portfolios help. Watch the following three videos to learn more.

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Resume portfolios are ideal to use when completing scholarship applications. Most ask a student to list their accomplishments. Simply put "Please see enclosed resume portfolio" and then send it along with the completed application. Many of my students have done this and had much success.


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Help from Jason

Message from Jason:

If you would like me to create your student’s resume portfolio, I charge $475. Once I get the pictures and student information, it takes me about one week or less to get a draft to you for review. We work together, doing as many drafts as necessary until you approve. Once it is completed, I send you all the files so you can print and use them to your – or your student’s – advantage.

Process: It is important that you and I are on the same page regarding how we work throughout this process of putting the portfolio together.

  1. I charge $475. The fee covers the entire process. When you are ready to begin, pay online.
  2. Once the payment is received, then I will email you the picture instructions and student information handout.
  3. Complete the information handout and submit pictures.
  4. I will complete first draft of the resume portfolio within one week of receiving your information handout and pictures.
  5. I will send you the draft for review. We will continue updating the drafts until you feel it is ready.
  6. Once a final draft is approved, I will send you the electronic files.
  7. Unless you tell me otherwise, I may use your resume portfolio in the future to share with others to give them ideas. For example, when I do one of my College Bound Seminars, I will have a table set-up with example portfolios of actual students. I change the student’s last name and all the contact information to protect the student. If you do not want me to use your portfolio as an example, it is your responsibility to let me know within two weeks of you receiving the final draft and files.

Questions about the resume portfolio development? Email

Doing it Yourself

Message from Jason:

When I create portfolios for students, I just uses Microsoft Word. Some parents have used Microsoft Publisher. You do not need fancy software to create them.

Even though there is some similarity in the layouts, I do not use a template. Every student is unique, so the pictures and information received determine the layout based on what I think is best for the student.

The biggest challenge most families have with the resume portfolio is finding pictures to use. Most of us take a lot of pictures with our phones, but it can be hard to find ones to use because we take so many pictures! If you have younger students, consider creating a special file where you can store pictures connected to special events during their high school years.

It also helps to get the student’s senior year pictures done early, so they can be used. However, it is not necessary. For some students, I have used “older” pictures to hold a position in the layout and then replaced them with the senior pictures once I received them.

Make sure you print the resume portfolios on cardstock paper in full color. A local printing shop can do this easily at a reasonable price.

If you would like Jason to review the resume portfolio you plan to create, the fee is $100.

  1. Once payment is received, Jason will send you PDFs and a sample video to provide ideas on what you might want to do.
  2. Jason will review your draft providing suggestions on how to improve it. Jason will continue reviewing drafts until you feel it is ready.


Wow! We were so excited to see the final product. We made the right decision by having you do it instead of attempting to do it ourselves.

Sarah’s Mom

Thank you so much. It looks great!

Darrell's Dad

I cannot believe you were able to create a four-page portfolio for my son. I didn’t think he was so accomplished!

Joseph's Mom

I should also mention the portfolio that Missy used based on your recommendation really helped to distinguish her from others. We got so many "I’m impressed" reactions when she shared it during conversations, and we could see that it 'upped' their interest in her immediately.

Missy's Mom

Thanks for all of your help. I must admit, at first, we were not sure what to expect as a final product. But, all we can say is WOW! Very nice job!


Thanks so much! This is money well spent.


Wow! This looks great! Thank you so much! It's amazing how you took all that information and put it together.


Just wanted to let you know Jacqueline. was admitted to all three schools she applied to and was offered scholarships at each ($11,000, $13,000, and $19,000 per year - this one about half tuition!). Thanks for your help on the resume. I'm sure it helped!

Jacqueline's Mom


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