What is the Test Information Release?

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Not all ACT test dates are the same. Three test dates are special: December, April, and June.

Those three test dates allow you to purchase a copy of the test and the student’s answers.

This is called a Test Information Release and it’s invaluable. It allows a student to see exactly what they missed, what concepts caused them trouble, and what test-taking errors were made.

This is why students should make sure their timeline incorporates some of the December, April, and June ACT test dates.

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View the test information release like sport competitions.

My daughters play high school basketball. The scoreboard tells me if their team won or lost. That’s nice, but it does not necessarily help them improve as players. We videotape their games, so they can see what they need to work on.

The test information release allows a student to see what they did on every question in relation to the entire test and that’s invaluable.