Self-Paced Prep

This self-paced online prep program – called the BPS Student Portal – has plenty of instructional videos and practice for those too busy to participate in one of Jason’s scheduled in-person or remote live classes.


During COVID, Jason created a special BPS student portal for his students, so they could work on their own during the lockdown.

The portal was – and continues to be – a big help to students due to the many resources included in it such as the following:

  • Jason teaches most of his in-person and remote live classes simultaneously. He records a recent class and updates the portal, so his students can make-up any missed sessions or review content once the class is complete.
  • The portal includes a special math training plan that utilizes 24 videos of Jason teaching core concepts through practice. This plan was first tested on his son who scored a 24 on the ACT math test as a seventh-grade student. It works!
  • The more students practice, the better they will do. The portal includes resources so students can hone their skills on their own.
  • Invaluable information on college application essays, resume portfolios, suggested reading list, and ACT test analysis is also included.

Students have access to their BPS student portal throughout their remaining time in high school.

Once the BPS student portal is purchased, the student will have immediate access. Accompanying materials for the recordings of the class sessions will be mailed out immediately.

All of Jason’s in-person and remote live students get free access to the BPS student portal.

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  • BPS Student Portal
  • $199
  • All four subjects
  • Three months of access*
  • Watch videos from anywhere
  • Session completion is tracked for you
  • Review sessions as much as you desire
  • Online access to handouts
  • Downloadable training plans
  • FREE binder with copies of handouts
  • FREE College Bound Seminar DVD
  • FREE book copy of College Bound:
     A Common Sense Approach