Next ACT test dates are June 13 and July 18.
Check out our prep class schedules for those test dates.


Because Jason Franklin has had over 20,000 students go through his test prep classes, many of those students – and their families – have shared with him what they learned through the college selection process. These seminars are an opportunity to learn how to put your student on a better path for success.

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Seminar A: Start Now

Learn how preparing during high school helps your student increase their potential for college admissions and scholarships.

Seminar B: Dream Real

Learn steps your high school student can do to lower college costs, so their dream does not become your family’s nightmare.

Seminar C: Picking & Selling

Learn steps your student can do to start their college search and then how to sell themselves to those schools for admissions and scholarships.

Seminar D: Compare Negotiate Decide

Learn how to compare and negotiate with colleges to ensure that your student has minimized their costs while deciding on the ideal school.