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For too many students, middle school leads to a shift of focus: academics to social media.  Unfortunately, this tends to carry over to high school, creating problems that later surface when students start looking at colleges.

Discussions will focus on how parents can help keep their student on a path that will better prepare them for and through high school, so their student is in a better position to get admitted to the college of their choice and receive a better scholarship offer.

The following are the main topics covered in the seminar:

  • READ, READ, READ!!!!
  • Recommended high school courses
  • Learn how to study: ahead, read, self-review, identify the smart kids
  • Find out who are the better teachers and take their courses
  • Grades: un-weighted vs. weighted GPA
  • AP Classes: advantages vs. disadvantages
  • Dual-credit classes
  • Extra-curricular activities: quality vs. quantity
  • ACT, PSAT, & SAT: advantages & disadvantages
  • National Rank - why this matters to colleges & parents
  • "Game Video" - Test Information Release
  • Work: summer, part-time jobs, think long-term
  • Academic camps
  • College visits: group tours, older siblings
  • High school sports: guard your time, don’t sacrifice academics
  • Role of high school guidance counselors (private vs. public)

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