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College Bound Seminar - Saturday, November 25th at Illinois Wesleyan University

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“I took your online ACT prep and my math score went from a 26 to a 33!!! 7 points! And my composite went from a 27 to a 30! Thank you so much
“First of all I would like to thank you for the extremely helpful classes that you put together to help young men and women succeed on their ACT tests. My daughter took the online course as this was most accommodating for her busy schedule. She originally received a score of 24. She then took the online course… She finished the class and got a 29 on the test!!! This is allowing her to qualify for more scholarship money and honors college! Thank you so much!” -Angie's Mom
“First of all, THANK YOU for everything. Your coaching, assistance, inspiration, and many words of wisdom have most definitely resulted in positive outcomes. Reading which was his most problematic subject on the April exam improved most dramatically by 7 points. Needless to say, we are THRILLED. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!”
“I just checked my scores online and I got a 31! I went up 4 points. I am so happy right now. Thank you so much!” - Cassie
Thank you for creating the online ACT prep course. My son started the study program right after Christmas break and followed your suggested timeline for working through the course. He took the ACT as a test run in February and scored a 23 composite. In April he took the ACT with his class and achieved a composite score of 29. A six point increase!! While he saw improvement in each area, math is where he saw his biggest improvement by far. I give a lot of credit to my son for being disciplined to stick with the study schedule and follow it through. I know he was able to do so because the course was organized and easy to use. So again, I say thank you!

Thousands have improved their ACT score AND learned how to lower college costs.

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In Person ACT Prep Class

ACT Test Prep Specialist Jason Franklin spent over 20 years designing a unique test performance methodology that he has personally taught to over 10,000 Central Illinois students. Over 95% of his students earn higher scores after the class and the average improvement is four composite points.

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Online Video Class

For students who are busy, live too far away from live classes or enjoy a self-paced learning environment, Jason Franklin spent three years developing an online video class that has proven to be successful. Students can start at any time and go as fast or slow as they desire. Click here to get started today.

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College Bound Seminar

Over the years students and parents shared their personal college search experiences with Jason Franklin. That information has now been organized into a DVD, CD, book, and live seminar. Learn what families can do to save tens of thousands of dollars in college costs WITHOUT taking out additional loans.

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95% of students earn higher test scores after taking our courses.