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ACT/SAT "Middle" Timeline

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Regardless of when a student starts taking college admissions test, I think the middle of the timeline is very important.

Ideally, every junior should take the December ACT. This test date is special because it allows you to buy back a copy of the test and the student’s answers called a test information release (TIR).

This is invaluable. It allows a student to learn from their mistakes.

A student will receive their December scores before Christmas, and then the TIR will arrive around the middle of January.

That December TIR will then help the student prepare for April exams.

A public school student may be taking a state ACT or SAT in late March or early April. For example, Illinois students take a state SAT usually the second week in April.

A private school student would want to take the National April ACT which is usually a Saturday or two after a taxpayer funded state ACT/SAT exam.

The national April ACT is like the December test, students can order a test information release. The scores will be out in late April and the TIR will arrive by the middle of May.

If a student does this then they will have taken two exams and have at least one TIR since December.

Those results will help the college-bound student prepare for the most popular national exam day of the year: the June ACT.

When should students start taking the ACT?The Target: June ACT