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Parent guide conquering the act4

Jason Franklin receives a lot of good questions from parents about the ACT, PSAT, and SAT and how those tests are used by colleges for admissions and, more importantly, scholarships. Jason put together this booklet, so other parents can get Jason’s answers to commonly asked questions. This guide also includes information parents need to know that can assist their student in maximizing their performance on these exams.

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The sat con

For over 50 years, the ACT has been the most popular college entrance exam taken by Illinois college-bound students, so why did the Illinois State Board of Education sign a contract in the fall of 2015 to require all public school juniors to take a State SAT test even though the re-designed SAT did not debut until March of 2016? The decision was based on politics and money, not to help the state's college-bound students. Now, the SAT is changing again in 2024 and will no longer be standardized in the name of "equity".

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COVID forced many colleges to offer test optional admissions during the Fall of 2020. This was cheered on by political activist groups who claim standardized tests are unfair. Applying to college is the same as a job interview. You want to present your best resume, highlighting your worthiness, so you get selected not only for admissions but also receive bigger scholarships. Therefore, “test optional” is not test optional for hard working students.

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