The ACT is the most popular test nationally and internationally. All colleges accept the ACT. Not all colleges are accepting the new SAT next fall due to the fact that the new SAT (debuted in March of 2016) was made a lot easier and aligned with Common Core. Make sure you protect your student.

College Bound Seminar - Saturday, April 19th at Illinois Wesleyan University

Fall 2017 and Christmas Break Crash Course schedules now online!

Online Class Timeline

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    Below are a few basic timeline suggestions for course completion based on the amount of time you have between registering for the course and your next ACT:

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  1. Complete one session the first week and two sessions the following week and continue this rotation (90 minutes for six weeks and 3 hours of coursework for five weeks, with one week for review or catch-up).

  1. Complete two sessions per week (3 hours of work per week).

  1. Complete 4 sessions per week (6 hours of work per week).

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