Success Stories

Earned 32 on first attempt.

Thank you for encouraging me to take the ACT!

Earned 35 on first attempt.

I’m pretty happy with my scores so far!

Improved from 18 to 26.

I cannot believe what your class allowed me to accomplish!

Improved from 27 to 30.

Just emailing to let you know I hit my goal of a 30!

Improved from 22 to 27.

I am so thankful for the tools you provided me with. Thank you so much!

Improved from 31 to 34.

Your tips were invaluable, and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this with you.

Improved from 22 to 26.

I am very pleased, and your course has helped both of my sons increase their scores.

Earned 34 on first attempt.

I am so class I did your class first!

Improved from 29 to 35.

As you can tell, I got a higher score on all subjects. Thank you so much!

Improved from 25 to 30.

Thanks for the classes!