Email From a Recipient

I took your college bound remote live class that just finished up. I think how you broke up the information and presented the topics was perfect. It made it less overwhelming. We are signed up with NCSA to assist with recruiting for basketball. Karley would like to play basketball in college. Through NCSA, they offer online classes including classes about the admission process & financial aid. I have taken some of these classes.

I feel that I learned and understood more from your classes based on the way you presented the information. For example, when you discussed the different types of financial aid, it was clear and concise, which hasn't been my experience with the NCSA classes. Additionally, the cost for your classes is very reasonable for the amount of information you are providing.

What I don't like with NCSA is that even though a class is free based on the subscription you pay for when you sign up, the people presenting are usually companies that have some type of agreement with NCSA. They will then discuss how they can provide further services to you that you obviously will have to pay for.

So, this is my long-winded way of telling you that your classes are better than the NCSA classes. The order in which you present the information, and your real life examples really assists in linking everything together. Additionally, you don't have an agenda to promote another service like what I have seen through the NCSA classes. It is apparent you genuinely want to help students succeed.



A few words from Jason