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Act Prep Class Registration

Please confirm the version of the course for which you would like to register:

The following is a short summary explaining the differences between the three types of ACT prep courses offered.

In-Person Class

The student attends classes at a specific time at a certain location. Jason Franklin is in the class with them. This is a traditional classroom setting.

Remote Live Class

The student will be using zoom technology to participate in one of Jason’s in-person classes while the student is at home. The student can ask questions and will do the exact same things the students sitting in the classroom are doing.

Online Video Class

The sessions utilize a series of professionally edited videos featuring Jason. These are not videos of Jason teaching a class. Jason is talking to the camera, so the student feels like Jason is right there with them. The student has access to the online video class for a set number of months, so the student can go as fast or as slow as they want, and review sessions as much as desired during their membership period.

ACT Prep Helpful Hints

Jason Franklin is teaching his students how to prepare for the test outside of the class. View it like a summer sport camp. An athlete goes to a camp and has a new coach work with them, so the athlete learns what they need to work on. After the camp, the athlete is supposed to go home and work on those things. The better athletes are better because of what they do in the off-season. Like athletics, the ACT is a competition. Training helps a student get better scores.

The class does not necessarily need to be done immediately before a test date. Many students have benefited for doing the class, having some time to work on what was taught, then take the test.

There is no homework. Everything is done in class. Students will have access to extra practice that they can do on their own to develop their test-taking skills.

For in-person class students, payment is not due until the first day. We encourage students to register early, so they have a spot reserved. Some of our classes are known to fill up and have waiting lists.

Remote live class students must pay when registering, so all materials can be sent to them in advance of the class starting.

There is no cancellation fee. We just ask that you let us know in case there is a waiting list.

Most students do all four subjects, but we also have students sign up just for specific subjects.

If a student misses a class, they can attend a scheduled remote live class or watch a recording of the missed sessions.

If a student signs up late, they can make up what they missed via recordings of the missed sessions.