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Which test should a student take: ACT or SAT?

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I have eight children. Some of them have already been through the ACT/SAT portion of their life. I have also been teaching prep classes since 1995, so these are my thoughts as a teacher and parent.

Some people say, “A student should take the test that is best for them.” Well, there is a potential problem with that line of thinking:

The only way a student would be able to determine that would be to take the ACT and SAT multiple times WHILE keeping up with all their high school courses, homework, quizzes, and tests, not to mention after school activities like sports. That’s not realistic for most students.

A student should make their decision based on what other college-bound students are doing because that is their competition.

During the 20th century, there were colleges that preferred one test over the other. However, we live in the 21st century. Now, all colleges accept the ACT or SAT for admissions.

However, college scholarships are a different story. More college scholarship opportunities are connected to the ACT than the SAT, and this is why most college-bound students focus on the ACT.

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