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English classes start the week of March 11th

Math classes start the week of April 1st

Science classes start the week of April 29th

Book Recommendations for English and Math

Students always ask: "What else can I do to improve my score on the ACT?" 

There is a comprehensive list of Non-Fiction books that I recommend to students who are looking to improve their Reading scores but there are also books we recommend in other subject areas.

English: CliffsNotes Writing: Grammar, Usage, and Style Quick Review 

Math: Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT by Richard Corn

Here is what one student had to say about the Math book we recommend for extra study:

"I Just wanted to follow up with you on the Ultimate Guide math book you recommended. So far I've gotten to unit 3 in the Ultimate Guide and I think it's a great review! It reviews how to do the types of problems before you do them and gives good examples, and I like how it shows you each step when it explains the answers after each section. It's mainly what I've been using to study and it's a good reminder of the rules and formulas I keep forgetting. I would definitely recommend it, thank you again!" - Emma


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