We still have openings in all our winter/spring classes.

English classes start the week of March 11th

Math classes start the week of April 1st

Science classes start the week of April 29th


The two greatest ACT myths I hear are the following:

1. A student can only take the test three times.

2. The ACT starts averaging ACT scores after third time.


1. A student can take the ACT twelve times.  Students can even delete scores for free!  My eldest daughter took the ACT three times before entering high school.

2. The ACT is over 50 years old and has NEVER averaged scores.

Unfortunately, many of these myths are circulated at high schools often with the source being teachers and sometimes guidance counselors who are sharing what they were told by someone who apparently did not know what they were talking about.

I have personally called the ACT and asked about the myths.  I got the facts from them.

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